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Augustin Amundarain, age 12, of Perth Amboy, N.J., for his question:


Marcus Licinius Crassus was a Roman statesman, military leader and financier. He, Caesar and Pompey formed the First Triumvirate in 60 B.C., which was a three man ruling body. Crassus had previously held the high government posts of praetor, consul and censor.

Crassus was also called the Rich because he made much money through real estate investments. He also became famous because he used his high position to gain favors for his friends in business.

Crassus crushed the revolt of the gladiator Spartacus in 71 B.C. Then seeking military glory, he launched a war against Parthia, an area in central Asia. In 53 B.C. Parthian archers trapped his army and killed Crassus and most of his troops.



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