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Phillip Bureman, age 14, of Florissant, Missouri, for his question:

Where did the Clydesdale horse originate?

Nowadays, we ordinary folk see the magnificent Clydesdale only on parade, With a team of his handsome, high stepping classmates, this big draft horse is a most wondrous sight to behold. His breed originated in 1715, when a powerful black stallion from Holland was taken to live in Lanark County, Scotland. There his sturdy offspring thrived in the valley (dale) of the river Clyde and drank from its waters.

In those days, these powerful horses qualified as very valuable draft. horses. And draft horses were expected to work on the farm. But the mighty Clydesdales had other qualities that kept them at the top of the popularity poll, long after the farmwork was taken over by machines. They are well mannered and talented team workers. They are handsome enough to steal your heart and when they prance by with their very own stylish pride, you just have to burst forth with applause. Oh, yes, a team of Clydesdales is really something to see.


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