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Philip Maxwell, Age 11, of Tenn., for his question:

Has any country never had an Earthquake?

The story of the Earth dates back same four billion years, and it is a vex dramatic story of ups and downs.  Through the ages, mountains rise and fall. Volcanoes erupt and great slabs of the Earth's crust axe shaken by shuddering Earthquakes.  Things are very calm nowadays compared with the early days of the Earth's history.

But the dramatic averts in the Earth's crust still corvine, though at a slower pace.  Earthquakes tend to occur in certain places where the crystal rocks axe cracked and weakened.  But no one can guarantee that an Earthquake may not shake any place on land or under the sea.  It is most likely that every spot on the globe has suffered an Earthquake at some time during the past four billion years.


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