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  1. Eyes In the Sky

    A new age of telescopes dawns
  2. Scientists are Using Dirty Socks to Understand Why Some People Are Mosquito Magnets

    Researchers are collecting socks from twins to investigate
  3. NASA Discovers 10 Potential Planets That May Be Habitable

    "How many planets like our Earth are in the galaxy?"
  4. Louisiana’s Coastline Is Sinking Faster Than We Thought

    The rate is worse than what was previously considered a worst case scenario
  5. Electronic Play Dough

    How do you entice kids to learn about electronics? By updating a classic toy that most people already love. That’s the idea fueling London-based Tech Will Save Us and its Dough Universe modeling clay, a Play-Doh-like substance designed to help kids create working electronic circuits. Thanks to the clay’s conductive makeup–including lemon, salt and water–it…

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