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  1. Astronauts Made Urgent Repairs at the International Space Station

    Peggy Whitson now ties the American record for the most spacewalks
  2. Global Warming Is Turning Antarctica Green, Study Says

    Significant changes began after 1950
  3. Health Officials Are Warning This Tick Season Could Be the Worst Yet

    “This year, there are worse ticks than many of us have ever seen in our lives,” says Janet Foley, an epidemiologist at the University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Ticks are roaming American forests in greater numbers this year than any in recent memory leaving thousands of humans at risk for lyme disease,…
  4. There Are More Endangered Animals Than Ever. Here’s What to Know on Endangered Species Day

    Scientists have worked urgently to save endangered species since the plight of many of the world’s animals first exploded into the public consciousness in the 1970s. These efforts have saved hundreds of species from extinction — including some recognizable favorites like the bald eagle — but those success stories have been the exception rather than…
  5. You May Live Longer With a Younger Doctor, Study Says

    The study found older doctors tended to have higher mortality rates

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