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 Welcome to You Ask Andy


 You Ask Andy: A website for inquiring minds

You Ask AndyYou ask andy is a great resource for students, teachers, parents and the general public. The questions are as varied as a child’s imagination. The contents of the questions and answers are in the areas life science, space science, geography, health, history, social studies and unique topics not usually found in reference books.

Students will find this website an excellent place to start a research project on subjects from Astronomy to Zoology. The responses are written in easy to read and understandable language. Complex topics are presented in a straight forward manner. Students are encouraged to search the Internet for additional information on questions and answers presented. The Science News menu item provides easy access to other safe and informative science sites.

You ask andy is also an excellent resource for teachers. Teachers will find the content appropriate for lesson planning for science, social studies and reading. The answers are ideal material for student reading in content areas such as science, social studies and other curriculum areas.

Parents are always first to hear questions from a young inquiring mind. They will find Youaskandy.com a wonderful, safe, information site for joint research for home work and student research and writing projects.

You ask andy is loaded with interesting and some obscure information. It is a ideal Internet site for all life time learners! 

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